About Amit Bhardwaj


Just as you see online and in videos, Amit Bhardwaj is a wirily built short man who has a unique facial look and speaks with a drawl; however, beneath that façade lurks a very high-intensity man who can really get animated when asked a question, he isn’t comfortable with.

Amit Bhardwaj, Founder of GBMiners, AmazeMiners, and CEO of GainBitcoin, has been involved in Blockchain and Bitcoin, among other crypto currencies, since around the year 2010. Bhardwaj owns and operates a pool of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency related operations ranging from mining pools to bitcoins payment processing service. The two most notable companies/products in his portfolio are GainBitcoin and GBMiners, both of which are subsidiaries of Amaze Mining & Research Ltd, a Hong-Kong based entity.