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Arrest AMIT BHARDWAJ, the Founder of GBMiners and Make him pay back those he DEFRAUDED!

Arrest AMIT BHARDWAJ the Founder of GBMiners and Make him pay back those he DEFRAUDED! – says Zakhil Suresh, a finance student from kerela who got scammed by Mr. Amit Bhardwaj.

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I’m a Finance Student, living in Kerala, and has been interested in learning more about Bitcoins from the day I heard about it. Back in 2015, when I was doing my internship, I came across a company named Gain Bitcoin through my friend. It seemed to be a platform where I can learn more, teach more, and also earn while doing so. One month later along with my couple of friends, I flew to Delhi to meet the owner of Gain Bitcoins – Mr. Amit Bhardwaj.

We spoke for an hour or so where he explained to me about the business concept, payouts, his “5-year” plan and much more. The Company is originally registered in Singapore in the name VARIABLETECH PVT LTD. He told me that this was because of the bitcoin-friendly laws in Singapore. He said the mining pool of the Company is in China and for every contract, we buy by paying 1 Bitcoin, the Company would pay us 0.1 BTC for 18 months. One week after coming back to Kerala I opened 6 positions in his company by paying 6 Bitcoins. Soon the website was closed down for maintenance. I requested for my first withdrawal after 3 weeks and now even after one and a half years – my withdrawals are still pending. I contacted the support n number of times. Result: No Response. I e-mailed Amit. Result: So Response. 2 Months later after a meeting with a couple of top names in the Indian Bitcoin Community, I told them about my experience with Amit and they told me more about him – He is a fraud!

Last week, a story popped up in my google feeds: Meet Amit Bhardwaj, who’s living his dream around bitcoins and blockchain )

If you open it now, all you can read is –

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This story has been temporarily pulled down.]

Thanks to the people who commented about his fraud background.

Then I searched more about his company and happened to know that there are more people who has lost money to him. And last but not the least – a few days back he has announced his new project named AmazeMiners, an Alt-Coin mining platform. And I was surprised to see the comments to this particular Facebook Post of his.

Most of the comments were about payout grievances.

And he continues to introduce more projects and scam more people in the name of Bitcoin, I request you all to sign this petition asking the Commissioner of Police, Delhi to arrest Mr Amit Bhardwaj and make him compensate all those he has scammed.

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