Beware of GAINBITCOIN; another SCAM initiative by Mr. Amit Bhardwaj, founder of MCAP Labs

If someone invites you to invest in GainBitcoin, RUN AWAY! This platform created by Mr.Amit Bhardwaj, has a powerful team of scammers, who are constantly making people like you, and me, lose money.

Gainbitcoin is used to attract countless people who don’t know the truly existent and verifiable ways to obtain remunerations from your Bitcoins. It has a sophisticated and striking web system that at first impression may seem really safe but, IT IS NOT!

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  1. Ask Mr Amit Bharadwaj, how many users have received 10% (Indeed 10%) every month? The Gold Mines are for himself only, if the users haven’t received any payouts since last three months, why can’t he just pay in Gold to them then? He is a Liar!

  2. Do they give regular payouts? Ask for the records of Jan 2017 till Date. People have either received only fraction of payouts, some have received only 30% of the 10% per month.

  3. With the daily payout, do they give the complete payout or partial? (I assume you must be expecting complete daily payout right)

  4. The policy changes are frequent, it’s not good for GBs Professional Reputation. They change it like he is an another Dictator. He is the New Gaddafi!

  5. Ask him where should you contact him? His Support lines? Those Support Engineers use template responses, no professional reply at all. Those support persons/customer support are nothing but a bunch of idiots/morons.

  6. All his users were forced to go with MCAP tokens, though he is now withdrawing that forceful amendment from his own Constitution now, its fine, but where are the fucking payouts?

  7. Zebpay had warned users not to invest in any mining schemes at all, I wish I had trusted them.

The need to acquire these popular and so valuable cryptocurrencies has unleashed an unfortunate encounter between millions of users and a small group destined solely to seize people’s money by offering a reliable, totally secure system where their clients can invest their money hoping to obtain remunerations in a short term, thus increasing their income but, it is not. Gainbitcoin uses its users to entangle them and make them make investments, some quite high, and then themselves offer these Bitcoin in other platforms that really IS safe, stripping the initial owner of their money. If all of this wasn’t enough they advise you to invite more people to join them to not only defraud you but also your family and friends leaving you in the eyes of some of them as the culprit, which is unfair but sometimes happens, people annoying needs who to blame and more when it comes to money.

gain bitcoin

Gainbitcoin has a lot of publicity, and even videos on YouTube that explain its famous method, but DO NOT trust this, then, it is only a double-edged sword that later will take away the money for which you have worked so hard.

Bitcoin has become a real sensation, and really there are agents and platforms totally safe that guarantee their investment and consequently their remuneration, something that Gainbitcoin doesn’t really offer.

GainBitCoin Scam

If you want to invest your bitcoins, to achieve, in the not too distant future increase your capital, keep in mind that you must do it safely, and for this you must read before you act. Gainbitcoin has endless negative comments from people who relied on their alleged mechanism and who completely lost all their money.

Gainbitcoin, is only one of the several platforms created by this same group of people destined to rob people of the money they have worked in the most ruthless way, so, you must not believe in anyone, make sure before taking a step, it is a lot of money that you can have in your hands and possibly you are about to give it the wrong use.

Bitcoin is REAL, and it is possible to increase your profits in a record time, but to achieve this, you must be skillful and not trust any platform that promises to give you something unreal, you should read a bit about it, look for some help and above all things don’t put your money at the disposal of unverifiable platforms, do not risk making an investment that is prone to get lost, look for something secure where you have guaranteed your money, where you offer a backup, be very jealous with it, after all it is his effort we are talking about, it is not anything.

Gainbitcoin is a fake shown as a sweet kitten but it really is a wolf waiting for cute and innocent little sheep like you in this cyber world to seize the money that does not belong to you, use your creativity formed by more than one man to Get catch the attention of your users, but, you should not believe it.

If you really want to maximize your profits and increase your Bitcoin capital, do so on another platform that is really safe, but never trust Gainbitcoin or any of its presentations developed by that group of scammers.

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