MCAP Fraud

The Emerging Danger in Cryptocurrency, Beware of MCAP Labs & Tokens by Mr Amit Bhardwaj

There is a new digital currency which is encrypted and decentralized, it is transferred among peers and confirmed through a process known as mining. This confirmation is often done in a ledger.

Want to know more about crypto currency? Any transaction made in cryptocurrency reflects in the database immediately and will be confirmed after a specific duration. This is known as cryptocurrency because it’s built on cryptography, not secured by person nor trust, but mathematical rules.

Can I be totally honest with you? The bottom line is to make profits to supplement one’s income, combat expenditures and attain a good living.

BIG NEWS; Do you know that Gainbitcoin founded by Amit Bhardwaj, founder of AmazeMiners & GBMiners is supposed to be a company that creates opportunities for people to mine Bitcoin by contributing a token and getting a beneficial return? These mining experts capsized the whole target into a complete scam.

Listen! This fraudster strategized by creating an initial positive impression about their platforms which made people invest with confidence after some time, unusual things began to happen.


Mr. Amit Bhardwaj started this fraud in various form such as AmazeMiners, GBMiners and GainBitcoin followed by subsequently created new platforms such as Bitcoingrowthfund and MCAP, which all are a scam.

GainBitcoin Scam

GainBitcoin Scam

MCAP: You fall a victim by paying to receive MCAP, and once it’s purchased, you can’t sell it elsewhere; neither will you transfer it to other places, even when you foresee an increase in the price of bitcoin. It’s equivalent to paying for an expensive precious stone and getting a worthless trip of copper in return. MCAP is a worthless token which is sold ten times less its worth during purchase. This is hidden from ignorant people, don’t be one.

Self-enrichment and embezzlement of funds: The selfish scammer lures people into investing in his platforms and enriches himself with roughly 80-90% of your investment.

I know what your thoughts now; could this actually be true? You wouldn’t want to fall a victim.

Replication of Platforms: Amit Bhardwaj always creates new platforms with mouth watering benefits once he realizes that the former is fading out. Holding on to the same or even a more deadly strategy, he still gets people even more than the previous.


Want to know a secret? Amit Bhardwaj groomed a team of scammers who entice you into investing your hard earned cash to get 10% profit from your purchase monthly. These groomed thieves and scums brought up the referral system with an attached benefit.

Hope Building: These dubious persons will always use the slogan, “HOPE” which is an empty word, it’s a big fraud embedded in a word. “Dear friends, MCAP is not an instant rich making scheme.” Look beyond these convincing statements and capture the deceit and wickedness hidden in it. He brings up an offer no one can resist. People acquire funds through loans, gratuities, etc. to invest in these platforms, while this dubious group of persons deceives you through the use of fake names, fake newspaper articles, and fake addresses.

What is the Bottom line? A lot of disadvantages are incorporated in gain Bitcoin and its related platforms which include;

  • Buying Bitcoin at higher rates in the form of MCAP and selling below cost
  • MCAP cannot be sold elsewhere (a worthless token).
  • These platforms are extremely disorganized because these scammers bring up flimsy reasons such as technical implementation, system renewal, Amit’s sickness and surgery, etc.
  • Dubiously enriching himself while scamming you of your hard earned cash even your life time-saving.

If there was no reason to be afraid of these scammers;

Every reason is on your desk now!

Stay aware from Amit Bhardwaj and his fraudulent activities.


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